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Technology and Telecoms
Business continuity for the technology and telecoms sector

Organisations today rely so heavily on their technology to carry out their day-to-day operations that IT is now indivisible from the business itself. This is particularly true for telecoms and technology firms, which not only depend on the availability of critical systems, applications and data to keep their own business running but, in many cases, those of their customers too. In many cases, they will face penalties for breaches of Service Level Agreements and, potentially, sanctions from the industry regulator.

Customer loyalty is a thing of the past and if a company website is down or its phones ring unanswered, customers will simply try the next supplier. Investing in a telecoms or technology business continuity management programme to recover all-important IT systems can mitigate the inevitable risk of lost sales, poor customer service and damaged reputation.

Natural disasters including fire, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes can result in technology downtime. Then there are man-made causes such as civil unrest, terrorism, vandalism, human error, hardware failure and software glitches. An outage in a business phone system will be expensive in terms of lost sales –particularly so in a call centre environment – and reputational damage. For these reasons, an effective telecoms or technology business continuity recovery plan, an often-neglected area, is essential to mitigate these costs.

Plans should make provision for an alternative workspace – such as a third-party workplace recovery centre or redundant office space – or remote working capability so that staff can remain productive. Whatever route is chosen, the alternative workplace should be equipped with all the technology and telecoms employees need to do their jobs effectively.

Technology and telecoms business continuity expertise

Resilience Guard's experienced consultants can help technology and telecoms companies:

  • Identify and manage current and future threats to their technology/telecoms business
  • Take a proactive approach to minimising the impact of incidents
  • Keep critical functions up and running during times of crisis
  • Minimise downtime during incidents and improve recovery time objectives
  • Demonstrate resilience to customers, suppliers and prospective customers

Contact us to discuss how we could help your organisation.