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Business Continuity Software: Automate your program and drive improvement.

For every Business Continuity Leader who's ever had to email someone asking which "final" spreadsheet is their actual final.

Every organization has hidden cracks and vulnerabilities that even the best program may not detect, especially if that program is being managed manually in spreadsheets, via MS Office or in shared drives. Castellan is a comprehensive business continuity software solution that delivers the most complete, end-to-end planning experience in one platform.
Castellan puts your organization on the road to resilience, so you can experience decreased disruption, higher levels of readiness that result in less impact when disruption occurs, and safeguards to your people, revenue, and brand.
Our Software Brings It All Together
One Program, One Platform

Built for the evolution of business continuity towards a broader risk and resilience effort, Castellan's new SaaS platform not only supports your organization during a crisis, but continuously, through all the ups and downs of normal operations.
Leverage automation and intelligence to solve operational resilience, business continuity, crisis management, and emergency notification challenges in one centralized location so you can proceed with ease and confidence.

Helpful Humans Who Have Your Back

You're not just buying software, you're gaining a partner who will support you every step of the way. Fast, friendly, and human, Castellan is your guardian and guide for all things business continuity.

Available 24/7/365, Castellan's support team is on call and ready to address technical questions, offer strategic guidance, and provide software support when you need it most.

Replace Uncertainty with Confidence

Disruptions, large or small, are inevitable. But disruption doesn't have to spell disaster.

Castellan's business continuity software solution helps you cut through the noise to identify hidden vulnerabilities and program gaps that could derail the execution of your organization's response and recovery strategies.
Ready For Anything.
Program Governance

Your priority is limiting disruption and enabling response that aligns with your organization's strategic objectives and priorities. Our solution provides the visibility and capability you need in one location, driving organizational engagement and getting all the right people involved in achieving the right level of resilience.

  • Program Automation
  • System Integration
  • Single Sign-On & Two-Factor Authentication
  • Cloud-Based Architecture
  • Data Security

Analysis, Planning, and Exercising

Readiness is defined as having done as much as possible to avoid disruption and being quick to respond so you can return to normal as fast as possible. Streamlining your daily responsibilities, making it easy to engage the business, and building capabilities that align to business continuity requirements is core to our solutions.

Through robust and fully-integrated business impact analysis, risk assessment, and plan development functionality, you can set business continuity requirements and create visualizations summarizing your entire, end-to-end value chain. Then, continuously improve your readiness through testing and exercising capabilities that enable you to document corrective actions and close program gaps.

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Strategy Identification
  • Plan Development
  • Testing & Exercising

Reporting & Dashboards

Everybody likes metrics. But, if you want to drive decision making and action, you need to make sure you're presenting the right metrics to the right stakeholders. Strong and relevant reporting leads to more buy-in, increased engagement, and ultimately greater resilience.

With Castellan's reporting and dashboard functionality, you can develop meaningful scorecards and visualize data that summarizes the key performance and risk indicators your stakeholders are interested in. And with clearer data, you can identify where capabilities and controls are falling short and drive action to close those gaps.

Respond to Disruption

The inevitability of disruptions doesn't mean disaster. Drive an effective response to a disruption through live situation reporting, online plan activation, and timely communication.

With embedded alerts and emergency notification, you can continuously communicate with employees, contractors, partners, and customers while capturing real-time responses.

Contact us to discuss how we could help your organisation.