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Strategic partnership between the Companies «Resilience Guard GmbH & Perception Consulting Communication»

The Companies Resilience Guard GmbH & Perception Consulting Communication are pleased to announce their partnership. More specifically and in the framework of their strategic partnership, both Companies will jointly provide their Communication and Business Continuity Management (BCM) Consulting Services addressing themselves to the Greek and International Market.

The strategic objectives of the aforesaid cooperation consist in the businesses’ access to a wide range of consulting services related to corporate communication, crisis and business continuity management, as well as in the direct response to the aforementioned needs through the most specialized know-how and experience that both companies do possess.

Resilience Guard GmbH &Perception Consulting Communication intend to provide businesses with qualitative and innovative services revealing and maintaining – at the same time – the corporate image and reputation of their clients against competition and any other crisis that may arise.

Mr. John Zeppos FBCI, Managing Partner of Resilience Guard GmbH stated as follows: “We are very pleased to have signed this strategic partnership with Perception Consulting Communication, a well-recognized communication company that possess a leading position in the Greek market. The international presence and specialization of Resilience Guard GmbH in the BCM field, combined with the experience of Perception Consulting Communication, will develop an integrated services portfolio that will definitely meet and satisfy the increased challenges businesses are faced with nowadays”.

Mr. Tassos Gotsopoulos, Managing Director of Perception Consulting Communication made the following statement: “Taking into account the new facts and developments in Greece’s business environment, it is quite easy to ascertain that this is the time for all companies – regardless of their size and magnitude – to mobilize themselves in the field of Business Continuity Management (BCM). Utilizing the specialization and the recognized international experience of Resilience Guard GmbH in this very field, we are in the position to ameliorate all our services, providing – at the same time – all businesses with targeted BCM services”.

Information about Resilience Guard GmbH

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Resilience Guard GmbH is a boutique consulting company that provides specialized business continuity, crisis management & risk management services to organizations within Europe. Resilience Guard GmbH helps companies minimize the risk of business disruption and enhance their operational resilience, reducing any consequences in terms of time, money and reputation. Vested with a team of experienced consultants, Resilience Guard GmbH has to exhibit a proven track record of successful collaborations within a wide market range. Being internationally recognized with certifications and two (2) International awards (2012, 2014 BCI Global BCM Manager of the Year, U.K.), Resilience Guard GmbH builds long-term relationships with its clients and assists them to acquire a deep knowledge and better understanding of their critical business issues and create operational efficiencies.

Information about Perception Consulting Communication

Perception’s Consulting Communication objective is to provide support to its clients to communicate their services to their customers in a successful manner. Having won the AWARD FOR MEDIA RELATIONS during the CORPORATE AFFAIRS EXCELLENCE AWARDS (2015), Perception Consulting Communication provides services that yield measurable results in fields involving corporate training with the use of means tailored to each business needs, corporate communication, corporate responsibility , crisis management, presence in the digital environment, launching new products and services, building relationships with the Mass Media. Transparency and consistency constitute the necessary preconditions for all the above.